The Story of Schweppes

Our story begins with a very happy accident – the invention of carbonated water by curious clergyman (and father of soft drinks) Joseph Preistley. Scroll on to find out what happened next.


How it all began.

Swiss-born watchmaker, amateur scientist, and ruthless dreamer, Jacob Schweppe was drawn to the new art of carbonating water discovered by Joseph Priestly in 1770. Schweppe refined and patented his own process of creating mineral water in 1783.
Late 1700's
Jacob Schweppe
Vintage Schweppes Bottle

The World's First Soft Drink.

Schweppe developed a special bottle that, by laying it on its side and keeping the cork moist, was able to retain carbonation. He moved the business to London in 1792 and the soft drink industry was born. He added quinine to the carbonated water to create the world’s first soft drink, Schweppe’s Tonic Water.

The First Royal Warrant Issued.

After a little help from unofficial brand ambassador Erasmus Darwin (grandfather of Charles), Schweppes soon found its way onto his majesty's dining table.

King William IV enjoyed the soft drink so much, he gave Schweppes a Royal Warrant. In later years, Queen Victoria would repeat the gesture — issuing a warrant of her own. A warrant we still have to this day.

Queen's Seal
1851 — Present

A Global Expansion.

Jump forward 150 odd years to the present, and Schweppe's has some 15 different soft drink varieties, from classic mixers to refreshing fruit drinks. Each is a complex creation made with meticulously selected ingredients from lands both near and far. It's no wonder Schweppe's remains a much loved drinking experience — not just here in Britain but all over the World.

The Classic Mixers.

The original enhancers, distinguished by their long lasting carbonation that carries and enhances the flavours of your drinks. Raise your spirits with a tantalizing range of mixers bursting with bubbles to make you feel fizzy.

Bitter Lemon Indian Tonic Water
Light Tonic Water Ginger Ale

Signature Mixers.

Crafted for the curious, our specialist range of premium mixers provides intriguing flavours, subtle aromas and long lasting bubbles — writing a new chapter in soft drink sophistication while putting the fun back into the drinks you sip and serve.